Chinese vs. Taiwanese

The difference between Chinese and Taiwanese Chinese and Taiwanese are proper adjectives that refer to the people of…

The difference between Chinese and Taiwanese

Chinese and Taiwanese are proper adjectives that refer to the people of China and Taiwan respectively. They are of the same ethnic background and they speak the same language – Mandarin. At one time they were one country, China, but during civil unrest in the country the Communist Party took control of the government. The opposing forces of the Kuomintang under General Chiang Kai-Shek retreated to the island of Taiwan and colonized it. At the time there were only 2% of the population who were Aboriginal, so the majority of the people living here were Chinese.

About the Chinese

The Chinese culture is one of the most complex cultures in the world. After winning the revolution, Mao Tse Tung, the leader of the Communist Party, established the People’s Republic of China. The country is vast with many geographical differences. The social values of the people are a mixture of those from Confuciansim and Taoism. Although the official language is Mandarin, there are many different dialects spoken throughout the country depending on the region. The people have to endure many hardships in their lives, but they are an uncomplaining people and are able to withstand tough conditions. They do have very distinct physical characteristics.

About the Taiwanese

Taiwan was settled by immigrants from China who left the country after the victory by the Communist Party.  Its official name was the Taiwan Republic of China because Chiang Kai-Chek vowed to eventually reunite Taiwan with China. The hostilities continued and after a while the people came to see themselves as Taiwanese rather than Chinese. They avoided any contact with China, but they share the same language, history and beliefs as well as physical characteristics.

The difference between Chinese and Taiwanese

Even though there are similarities between Chinese and Taiwanese, it is still easy to distinguish between the two peoples. They both speak Mandarin but there is a great difference in the accents of the language. There is more political freedom in Taiwan than there is in China, where the people have to adhere to the Communist principles of the government. Taiwanese women also have more freedom in their lives.

Chinese people are very ambitious – more so than the Taiwanese. This has resulted in Chine being a more advanced country, although its heath system is not as well developed as that of Taiwan. The percentage of poverty is lower in Taiwan also because of the health of the economy.


  1. The two countries of China and Taiwan were the result of a civil war in China.
  2. Although they share the same history, beliefs, language and physical traits, the people of Taiwan do not consider themselves to be Chinese.
  3. There are different forms of government in each country with the Taiwanese having much more freedom than the Chinese people. China is a communist country and Taiwan has a democratic system of government.


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