Christian Gravity vs. Hindu Gravity

Difference Between Christian Gravity and Hindu Gravity Hindu gravity and Christian gravity, to know what the relation between…

Difference Between Christian Gravity and Hindu Gravity

Hindu gravity and Christian gravity, to know what the relation between religion and gravity is continue to read. Gravity is a physical property of land and is there since the creation of the universe. It is present even if one believes in religion or not. It is the power of the earth to hold things on it. Gravity is a fact of life and it does not require faith to exist. It is present for all believers and non believers. Yet from the perspective of religion, there are different explanations of the phenomenon called gravity. This article tries to understand the explainations of two major religions of the world, Christianity and Hinduism on the subject of gravity.

When we talk of gravity, it is natural to think of Galileo and Copernicus, scared to death as they tried to say something that has defied the Bible and the Church. As the vision of Newton sitting under a tree and being hit by a falling apple comes to mind when he declared existence of gravity and made the gravitational laws. However, before these great scientists even thought about the rotation of earth around the sun or the gravity of the earth, there were Hindu intellectuals and philosophers who have written clearly on these concepts hundreds of years ago .

Hindu scholars have sought to justify the concept of gravity as a kind of earth as it is the nature of water to flow and the nature of fire to burn and the wind to set in motion. They said the earth is the only low thing and no matter in what direction you may throw the seeds, they always return to it, and never rise upwards. And the gravity was sought to be justified as the nature of the earth. The Earth attracts everything on it as it is below to all directions and the sky/ heaven is the above towards all directions.

Thus it is clear that he was about a millennium before Galileo, Copernicus and Newton have put forward their theories of globular earth, its rotation and gravity the Hindu philosophers had already mentioned and explained it.


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