Christianity vs. Hinduism

The difference between Christianity and Hinduism Two of the oldest and most important religions in the world are…

The difference between Christianity and Hinduism

Two of the oldest and most important religions in the world are Christianity and Hinduism. However there are great differences between the two, even in their history. It is well-documented that Christianity began about 2000 years ago, but Hinduism is an evolving religion that has developed from others so it is impossible to put a date on when it first began. To say it is an evolving religion means that it moves on by the virtue of the rituals. There are also major differences in their doctrines and teachings.

In Hinduism there are many roads that lead to salvation and there are a number of ways by which a person can attain salvation and reach God. Some of these are:

  • Gnana – knowledge
  • Bhakti – devotion
  • Vairagya – renunciation, and
  • Seva – service

In Christianity the Bible is God’s Word and it is only through living life according to its teachings that one can attain salvation. All Christians are urged to thoroughly read the Bible. Hindus accept a variety of gods and goddesses and they have the liberty to choose their own god or goddess. Christians believe only in Jesus Christ and that He is the only solution to all problems.

Everything in the world is part of God according to the beliefs of Hinduism and that He exists in both good and evil. According to Christian belief God does not create evil in the world and that human beings have the ability to choose to do good or evil.

Christians believe that one can only get to Heaven by doing works that are pleasing to Jesus Christ. It is the performance of rituals that paves the way to Heaven for Hindus. The highest attainment in these rituals is that of Brahman, which is the Supreme Self.


  1. Hindus believe that everything that exists in the world, whether it is good or evil, is a manifestation of God. Christians believe that only the good things are from God.
  2. In Hinduism, there are several paths to salvation, but Christians believe that salvation is only possible by following the teachings of the Bible.
  3. Christians believe in Jesus Christ, but Hindus believe in a variety of gods and goddesses.
  4. Christianity was founded by Jesus Christ about 2000 years ago, but there is no way to pinpoint a founder or a date for the beginnings of Hinbduism.


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