Christianity vs. Judaism

Difference Between Christianity and Judaism The religions of Christianity and Judaism are akin to each other in their tenets…

Difference Between Christianity and Judaism

The religions of Christianity and Judaism are akin to each other in their tenets of faith and beliefs, although there is only a difference in the formation of the individuality of Jesus Christ. Besides this, they display differentiation between themselves even though there is a greater similarity in their belief in the Almighty.


One of the main variances existing between Christianity and Judaism is their perception of Jesus Christ as a person. The Christians firmly believe that Jesus Christ is a fulfillment of the prophecies of the Old Testament and is considered to be a Messiah. However, Judaism contrarily recognizes him as a good teacher and would go to the extent of calling him the prophet of God.

There is a controversy between both the religions that in Christianity Jesus Christ is considered to be a Messiah while in Judaism, they do not believe him to be so. Actually, Christians believe that Jesus was an incarnation of God in flesh and would go further in saying that God came to the earth as a human being in the person of Jesus Christ. It also feels that Jesus sacrificed by giving up his life to pay for the price for others sins. On the contrary, Judaism does believe in this ideology and mention that this kind of a sacrifice was not necessary and thus would not accept that God personified himself in Jesus Christ.

While Judaism perceives God as a sole person, it disperses the concept that Jesus or as a matter of fact anyone could be a God. There is also a popular belief amongst Christians that there would a second coming of Christ on earth in the future also. According to Judaism, Heaven is illustrated as a place where God is in debate on the Talmudic law with the other angels.

Therefore, it should be considered that both Judaism and Christianity varied only in the notion of the person of Jesus Christ. Christians allude to Biblical books on Jesus as the New Testament and refer to the Hebrew books as the Old Testament. Contrarily, Judaism rejects the consecrated texts as the Old Testament.

To recapitulate, the difference between Christianity and Judaism lies in the fact that Judaism did not believe Christ to be a messiah whereas Christians deemed him to be a messiah. The followers of Judaism did not consider that Jesus should have sacrificed his life for the sins of others as Christians believe this fact. Jesus Christ was a God in flesh for Christians although according to Judaism, he was simply a human being.

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