Christianity vs. Judaism

The difference between Christianity and Judaism There seem to be many similarities between the beliefs of Christianity and…

The difference between Christianity and Judaism

There seem to be many similarities between the beliefs of Christianity and Judaism, but there are actually many differences between the two religions. Both Christians and Jews believe in God, but it is only Christians that believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God. In Christianity, Jesus is the Messiah that God promised to send to the Jewish people in the Old Testament. In Judaism, Jesus Christ is recognized as a prophet of God and a very good teacher, but He is not recognized as being the Messiah.

Christians believe that Jesus was God in the flesh – that he took the form of a human being and walked the earth. He was crucified on the cross as atonement for the sins of man. Judaism does not accept that God became a person and say that sacrificing oneself in this manner was not necessary.

In Christianity the Bible consists of the Old and the New Testament. The New Testament is concerned with the works and teachings of Jesus and His disciples. In Judaism, it is only the Hebrew books that are accepted as being the Old Testament and the New Testament is not recognized at all as being sacred scripture.

To the people of the Jewish faith God is one entity and they reject the idea that Jesus could also be God. They also believe that Heaven is a place where there are debates between God and the angels on issues of Talmudic law. Christians believe that Jesus will come again at the end of the world. They refer to this as the Second Coming.


  1. Christianity believes that Jesus was the promised Messiah, but Judaism only accepts Jesus as a great teacher and a prophet.
  2. Christians believe that Jesus sacrificed his life to atone for the sins of man. Judaism holds that there was no need for this kind of action.
  3. Christians believe that God took a human form in Jesus, but in Judaism he was just a man.


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