Church vs. Chapel

Difference Between Church and Chapel Jews of Israel used to worship in the temples on occasions. This temple…

Difference Between Church and Chapel

Jews of Israel used to worship in the temples on occasions. This temple was also known as second temple. They worshipped weekly in synagogues. They used to do sacrifices which included sacrificing animals.

Jews do not have permissions to visit temples for their worship so synagogues were developed for their worship. These architectural settings were developed by converting a house under construction or a previous public establishment converted to a place for worship. Requirements for this development were proper seating arrangement for the devotees.

Common architecture of the church is cross-shaped. These churches have domes or have a large space inside the dome representing the sky. Other shapes include a circle, representing eternity or infinity, or an octagonal shape and a cross representing the church as a bearer of light. Several types of churches are also available, such as basilicas and cathedrals. The basilica was designed originally as a Roman public building.

“The Cathedral” comes from the Latin word “cathedral” which means “seat of the bishop”. Some of these buildings were small as compared to others, such as the Cathedral Christ Church, Oxford. These cathedrals are the most important buildings in the area.

The chapel is the first place of Christian worship. It is not only a building, but serve as a special chamber in a building where people can offer their worship while they are not a participating in any congregation.

The modern term “chapel” is not limited to Christian terminology. Examples of these applications are:

Wayside Chapel

Summer Chapel
Chapel of rest
Bishop Chapel
Ambassador Chapel
Lady Chapel







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