Citation vs. Quotation

Difference Between Citation and Quotation In any written text, if it is original or inspired by previous work,…

Difference Between Citation and Quotation

In any written text, if it is original or inspired by previous work, there is often a reference to another piece of text to support a viewpoint or prove a point. There are two ways to do it. They are known as the citation and the quotation. Though the terms are similar and serve the same purpose, they are not identical. Hence, they cannot be used interchangeably. This article will explain the differences between these two concepts to remove any doubts from the minds of readers.


If you write something and want to reinforce your point of view, you can refer to a first text that is better known or otherwise is considered authentic. When quoting someone else, what is a must is that you use the same words and apply quotes at the beginning and the end. So basically you repeat what was said or written earlier to prove your point. In the quotation, you must repeat the text and not paraphrase. So you are reproducing the view point using every word and also draw attention by using quotes. Examples of the use of the word quote.

My brother quotes famous people.

In the poem review, the students were asked to quote a few lines.

Among those considered, Shakespeare is quoted most often.


The citation is another way to use the written text from one source to reinforce your point of view. But unlike the quotation, the citation does not require you to reproduce the entire text. You can write your own words and there is no need to use the quotes. You simply use what a supposed author wrote earlier as you want to add weight to what you say. The citation uses the views of those who are considered to be the authority in the field on which you write. For example, if you write something of the motion and want to authenticate your point of view, you can easily cite Newton’s laws of motion. Also by writing something on psychoanalysis, you can easily cite Freud’s work to strengthen your point of view or add to the weight. Using the word citation while talking, here’s how to do it.

The speaker cited the high rate of car accidents to add weight to his theory.

Lawyer cited previous judgments to convince the jury of the innocence of his client.

Helen has cited the work of great writers in his essay.




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