Climate vs. Weather

Difference between climate and weather The terms, Climate and Weather pertain to meteorology being interrelated words although not…

Difference between climate and weather

The terms, Climate and Weather pertain to meteorology being interrelated words although not interchangeable. These two terms have specific connotations and are therefore entirely different. In simple terms, the day-to-day atmosphere at a specific location is known as the Weather while Climate is structured based on the average weather conditions over an extended period of time.

Weather is referred to the state of the atmosphere at a specific time and at a particular place well defined terms pertaining to the variable conditions like barometric pressure, precipitation, temperature, humidity and wind speed. On the other hand, Climate is entirely dependent on the weather and is concluded by the positioning of the territory on the earth like position in relation to oceans or continents, elevation, movements of the earth’s wind belts, the topography of the place and latitude. Any alteration in the weather of a place automatically results in the changes in the climate.

The definition of the climate is relative to the varied conditions of the atmosphere that take into consideration temperature, humidity, wind velocity, rainfall along with other elements of meteorological nature in a territory over an longer period of time. There are different factors, which affect the climate of a region that are axing down of forests, burning of fossil fuel, local topographical features such as mountains, et. al. The climate of the earth is established by the atmosphere and the elevation of a place. One of the gigantic problems staring at us in the face is climatic change. The temperature of the earth is on the increase practically every day due to sharp variations in the climatic conditions thereby resulting in the exhaustion of the ozone layer as well as global warming. One of the main causes of this change in the climate is Air pollution that can be taken care of by implementing measures such as usage of appropriate collectors, filters or electrostatic precipitators to control particulate matter, reduction in the use of vehicles, extended use of raw materials in industries that reduce pollution to a great extent.

Weather is generally described as the atmosphere at a precise location and time pertinent to certain variables like barometric pressure, temperature, storms, snow, wind and moisture. The occurrence of the weather on earth is in the troposphere and the lower atmosphere. The day to day conditions or for a number of days that could be less than two weeks is the apt description of the weather. However, alterations in the conditions of the weather are generally caused on account of variations in the energy levels from the sun to the earth; the weather of the earth varies from place to place. The different angles of the sunlight intersecting the earth are warmed up to variable extents that are the cause of temperature variances, leading to the global wind. The weather forecast is entirely dependent on the climatic studies.



Climate Vs Weather:

Climate is the blueprint of weather that an area goes through over a extensive phase of time, whereas weather alters from time to time or at times from moment to moment. Climate can be classified as the weather of a locality arrived at an average over a particular period which may be generally three decades, while weather fluctuates on a short term basis. Weather could be considered to be an amalgamation of cloudiness, wind, precipitation, visibility and temperature. Some of the features affecting the climate are the height of a location, large water bodies, and mountain ranges.

One of the features of weather is that it is dynamic and keeps on changing consistently whereas there is a consistency in the climate for years or decades on an end. The humidity and rains are typical weather conditions. To illustrate, in case it is cool on a certain day, we are talking about the weather yet if it is cool over a season or several months then we are referring to the climate. Climate is the temperature that is taken as a whole for a typical area and weather is the precise temperature at the given amount.

Climates are not subject to change while weather changes due to certain atmospheric variations. Similarly, weather is the present condition where climate is registered over a stage of time. Climate is an expectation in accordance to the averages of data of atmospheric conditions gathered over many years at a place and weather is what you receive on a specific day. One of the major aspects is that even minute changes in the orbital mode around the Sun can result in major effects on the climate besides activities carried out by human beings also tend to affect the climate adversely particularly those actions that are relative to the exhaustion of the ozone layer which is of extreme importance.

To cut things short, the climate is statistically the average weather information in a territory while weather is a day to day condition of the atmosphere at a specific place and time. Essentially, weather is a study in meteorology while climate is a study in climatology.

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