Climate vs. Weather

The difference between climate and weather Even though climate and weather have similar meanings they are not interchangeable.…

The difference between climate and weather

Even though climate and weather have similar meanings they are not interchangeable. Weather is the conditions that exist in the atmosphere on a daily basis, such as sunshine, rain, or snow. Climate is the name given to the weather of a specific location over a long period of time. For example, the winter climate of the northern part of Canada is very cold.

The terms that are used to describe the weather on any given day include the temperature, the humidity, precipitation; the level of cloud cover and the wind speed. The climate of a region depends on the weather and is the average of the weather condition for a period of time, such as several months. It also depends on the part of the world in which the region is located  and its position in relation to oceans, continents, the distance above sea level and the topography of the land.

More about climate

Various factors are involved in determining the climate of a region. These include the amount of precipitation, the temperature, the humidity and the average of wind velocity over a given period of time. Human activities can also influence the climate, such as burning fossil fuels, cutting down large sections of a forest. The presence of mountains also affects the climate. Climate change is one of the biggest challenges that people in an area have to deal with.

As climactic conditions change, the temperature of the earth rises and results in global warming, which, in turn, causes the depletion of the ozone layer. Air pollution is another factor that affects the climate but this is something that can be controlled. Measures that businesses can take to reduce air pollution include reducing the usage of vehicles, and installing air filters, collectors and electrostatic precipitators. The use of raw materials that don’t cause as much pollution will also help.

More about weather

Weather is the atmospheric conditions on a day-to-day basis and includes such things as the precipitation, wind, temperature, humidity and barometric pressure. Weather takes place in the troposphere, which is the lower level of the atmosphere. It is the daily conditions of a small area because weather conditions can be quite different in places that are only a short distance apart. These differences can be the result of different amounts of energy from the sun that reaches the earth. This means that different angles of the sun’s rays intersect the earth in different places and this means that parts of the earth receive more heat than others. This causes differences in the temperature and the velocity of the wind. Weather forecasts are based on climate conditions.

Difference between weather and climate

Climate is the pattern of weather that occurs in a location over a period of time. Weather changes on a daily basis and often several times during the day. It takes about 30 years to create a climate for a region and is affected by the topography of the land, its location on the earth, the distance above sea level and its closeness to bodies of water.

Weather is more specific in nature. It is always changing, but a climate is constant. Humid is an example of a type of climate, but rainy is an example of weather. If one is taking about the temperature being cool on a certain day, this refers to weather, but to say summers are cool refers to climate. Weather is more exact that climate because climate refers to the weather over a period of time, such as a season of the year.

A definition of climate could be the statistical average of weather conditions over a period of time. Weather is the state of the atmosphere at a time of the day. Climate is the study of climatology, but weather is the study of meteorology. Climate can be affected by the Earth’s orbit around the sun as well as human activities.


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