Cloud vs. Dedicated Server Hosting

Difference Between Cloud and Dedicated Server Hosting The two approaches for high performance hosting solutions are Cloud and…

Difference Between Cloud and Dedicated Server Hosting

The two approaches for high performance hosting solutions are Cloud and Dedicated Server hosting. One can use these depending on the requirements. Both of these have their pros and cons. Cloud instance hosting has high scalability than is cheaper than dedicated hosting.

Dedicated server hosting

It is a physical server, given out to meet one’s requirements according to his or her specifications. As this has many advantages, it was a perfect solution for hosting services. The hosted user is accustomed with all the resources. If a dedicated server hosting service is bought, the operating system and database or other applications can be ordered in advance. With dedicated server there is a setup fee and addition fee charged by few providers for services that you order. A fee needs to be paid for server management software, firewall support and troubleshooting.

Amongst other hosting plans or solutions, dedicated server is the perfect choice. However, it is behind in scalability and fine resource utilization. If your web server is accommodated with live cricket score info system, then you will get hit spike during sessions and sometimes more or less resource utilization. If more hits are procured, more processing power is needed along with more bandwidth. Therefore, scalability is difficult in dedicated server hosting.

Cloud computing hosting

It helps in delivering configuration details to virtual servers with particular applications, operating system and services. The placing of cores, data access, software and storage space is a matter of irrelevance to the users. To accomplish its measures cloud computing makes use of the Virtualization method. In other words, it is a bulk of computers that provide computing power where things can be shaped according to the needs. It can be ordered promptly and gets activated in no time. Its easy and high scalability is its main advantage. Resources can be hired on hourly basis. It costs less compared to dedicated server hosting and its hosting solution is the best for better hosting usage with simpler upgrading and downgrading.

It has a centralized monitoring and expands on fly. It is highly reliable and has an easy damage recovery.


Dedicated server hosting has a single tenant environment while cloud computing hosting is multi tenant. No additional cost is needed in cloud computing and there is instant setup and easy upgrading and downgrading. In case of dedicated server, setup and additional cost is required.  No forecast on resources needs to be paid in cloud computing, and expands on fly. On the other hand, a primary assessment needs to be done regarding its usage and growth. There is complete KVM access on the dedicated server while it is limited in the case of cloud server. If hardware in dedicated server falls flat, then the recovery time is high but in cloud computing hardware switches over with an easy restart.



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