Colbert Report (Comedy Central) vs. O’Reilly Factor (Fox Network)

The Difference Between Comedy Central’s Colbert Report And Fox Network’s O’Reilly Factor Named after their hosts, Colbert Report…

The Difference Between Comedy Central’s Colbert Report And Fox Network’s O’Reilly Factor

Named after their hosts, Colbert Report on Comedy Central and O’Reilly Factor on Fox Network are both talk shows which focus on the current conditions of politics and society. Each episode features a guest to the show who has relevance to the topic or theme. Colbert Report is presented by Stephen Colbert while the O’Reilly Factor is presented by Bill O’Reilly. However, the latter show was not always referred to the same way. It was called O’Reilly Report when it was first created and then changed after O’Reilly’s colleague, John Tantillo recommended them to do so. Another difference is that the Colbert Report is more humorous and even goes as far as ridiculing O’Reilly Factor.

The Layout Of The Show

O’Reilly Factor is always shot around 5 pm to 7 pm EST before they air the show on Mondays to Fridays in a regular schedule of 8 pm, 11 pm and 5 am EST. In some cases, the guests of the particular show are also asked questions even before they prerecord it. The production team plus O’Reilly will also talk about what they will subject of the week around two times each. Only when there have been important updates or emergencies will O’Reilly Factor air at the exact time.

As for Colbert Report, they also implement the same system for recording the show before official air date on their “eagle’s nest” studio in 54th Street, New York.

The Division Of The Show

Talking Points Memo is a usual segment done on the O’Reilly Factor and it is just one of the various they do on it. This will be the time where the host speaks regarding his opinion on the political and societal situation of the U.S. Other segments include Top Story. On this part, obviously, the show will feature the best news of the night. Factor Mail on the other hand has participation of viewers who sent O’Reilly a message. For Colbert Report, they feature in the show The Word which serves as a counterpart for Talking Points Memo. Additionally, Stephen Colbert also does a humorous version of Factor Mail called Inbox.

The Viewer Of The Show

O’Reilly Factor, which started of the same time as Fox News Channel, has been at the top of cable news in 9 years that focuses on the country’s politics. The Channel has other channels to boast as a top cable program. This political talk show has about 3 million viewers sparked after the program had an argument with White House.

On the other hand, the Colbert Report has about 1.2 million viewers not only on the television but also on internet. it has also been given several honors as its status grew more and more with viewers.

While O’Reilly takes its side with the right wing of the political system, Colbert Report has its inclination towards the left wing.

The Bottomline

  • A certain similarity between O’Reilly Factor and Colbert Report is how the production team shoots each episode and how one way or another, has the same topic per episode.
  • Both shows from Fox News Channel and Comedy Central are composed of several segments though Colbert Report is the humorous version of the other.
  • Millions of viewers tune in for O’Reilly Factor and Colbert Report for each episode though the former has more audience based on its seniority.
  • Despite of that, Stephen Colbert’s show has the advantage of having a lighter approach towards the topic of politics that interests viewers with its parodies and mockery of O’Reilly Factor.
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