Cold vs. Allergy Symptoms

Difference Between Cold and Allergy Symptoms Cold and Allergy are two different ailments caught by almost all of…

Difference Between Cold and Allergy Symptoms

Cold and Allergy are two different ailments caught by almost all of us at least once in life. They are common in all age groups. The symptoms of both vary slightly. When one catches cold, he experiences some symptoms such as runny nose, difficulty in breathing, watery eyes etc. A cold is normally associated with virus. Our immunity fights with the virus resulting in the symptoms of cold. When our immune system becomes very sensitive to the non infective particles, it results in allergic rhinitis. It can cause swelling in the air passage resulting difficulty in breathing as in case of cold.

Cold Symptoms

The symptoms of cold began to appear after two days of infection. Cold may last one or two weeks. Its symptoms include dry or wet cough, runny nose, watery eyes, and blockage of air passage making it difficult to breath. It can be associated with sore throat and mild fever.

Allergy Symptoms

The symptoms of an allergy began to appear immediately after the exposure of a person to the particles causing it. The allergy may persist up to a month. The typical symptoms include runny nose in the morning, watery eyes and itchy eyes. Fatigue and fever may not be associated with allergy like cold. But sometime body ache may occur. Allergy may create a horizontal black furrow on the middle of the skin of nasal cartilage because of the rubbing of the area repeatedly.

Difference between Cold and Allergy Symptoms

The symptoms of both cold and allergy are different in respect of time lag in the exposure and the beginning of the symptoms. There is a time lag in case of cold while there is no time lag in case of allergy. A cold ends in a week’s time while an allergy may extend to a month or so. A cold may be accompanied by mild fever but there is no such fever in allergy. The rhino rhea in cold may become thick while in allergy it remains watery. Red eyes are common in allergy while achy body is common in cold.

Cold and allergy are different though aetiology and pathology are involved in them. The treatment of both is almost common while there is difference in symptoms. Antibiotics are administered in the management of both of them.


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