College Basketball vs. NBA

The Difference between the NBA and College Baskteball All of us are familiar with sports, especially basketball. Basketball…

The Difference between the NBA and College Baskteball

All of us are familiar with sports, especially basketball. Basketball has been part of our civilization since the early 1900’s. This is where two teams compete for fun and sometimes even for “fame”.

In past decades, the NBA held to tradition and drafted players who had graduated from college. This was a mutually beneficial relationship for the NBA and colleges. The colleges held onto players who would otherwise go professional and the NBA did not have to fund a minor league. As the college game became commercialized, though, it became increasingly difficult for “student athletes” to be students. Specifically, a growing number of poor, under-educated, highly talented teenage basketball players found the system exploitative they brought in funds to schools where they learned little and played without income.

College basketball most often refers to the USA basketball competitive governance structure established by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). There are three divisions in the NCAA. There are approximately 350 schools who are participating in the first division, 4 of which are independents.

Basketball is played on two professional levels in the United States. The fist level is College Basketball which is played in colleges and is broadly popular among students and the next is the National Basketball Association (NBA) which is played on a national level.

The ruling on the College Basketball and on the NBA differs in terms of numbers. The shot clock for the NBA is usually set to twenty four seconds, while college basketball has a shot clock of thirty five seconds. NBA players are usually fouled out when they commit 6 fouls. College basketball players however, will get only 5 chances to do so. Disputes over the possession of the ball are usually resolved by a jump ball in the NBA. On the other hand, in college basketball, it is resolved through means of a possession arrow that indicates whether which team gets the ball.


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