.com vs .com.au – Difference Between

The difference between the domains .com and .com.au Both terms refer to Internet domains but .com can be…

The difference between the domains .com and .com.au

Both terms refer to Internet domains but .com can be used for any part of the world whereas .com.au is specific to Australia. There are two major factors involved in having a website – the domain name and the web hosting. The domain of .com.au is usually registered in Australia, but the web hosting could be in another country of the world depending on the price.

When compared to the cost of web hosting in other countries, those companies in the US that offer this service have very cheap rates. On average, web hosting with unlimited bandwidth from a US hosting company costs between one and six dollars a month. The same service in Australia costs about twelve dollars a month and requires Australian business registration or similar rules and regulations. The decision as to which web hosting service to use also depends on the geographical location of the website owner.

One of the main effects of having a .com.au domain is that some search engines deliver results of your search based on where you live. This is how Google Search operates. It identifies where you are located and then delivers applicable results. Therefore, those who search from Australia will receive results of domains that are .com.au. They have the best chances of ranking highly in the search engine.

Depending on the products offered though, .com.au domains may rank higher than international website as time goes on. This is a very important factor to consider for those living in Australia.

If your market is global in nature, a .com domain would be a better option. Such a website offers its products and services internationally, even though you may be based in Australia. When you want your content and your website to be recognized all over the world, then you should choose a .com domain.

You can also have both domains if you wish. You can purchase both a .com and a .com.au domain registration and have the websites linked to each other. It could be  a domain addon or used as domain parking.


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