Communism Vs. Nationalism

Difference Between Communism And Nationalism Nationalism as well as communism is two concepts that are completely different from…

Difference Between Communism And Nationalism

Nationalism as well as communism is two concepts that are completely different from one another. There are many differences between the two concepts. Where Communism refers to the belief in the economic as well as social equality of the people in the society, Nationalism refers to a person’s trust as well as belief in his/her own country and its rules and regulations.

Communism is something that believes in an undivided equal society that does not demarcates itself on the basis of any nationality or religion. Nationalism, on the other hand is believes in the clear demarcation of individuals on the basis of their nationality or rather the nation of which they are the residents.

Communism results in the union of people belonging to all class, creed and religion to form one race that is the human race. On the other hand, Nationalism is something that segregates the human race into different smaller groups on the basis of the piece of land they belong to, thus dividing the human race.

Nationalism is something that aims seeing the development of a particular nation only. In short, the nation is the matter of utmost importance in the nationalism. On the other hand, communism aims at regarding the entire universe as its own and then work for its development and wellbeing.

In case of nationalism there always is a race of regarding one nation superior to the other. But in case of communism, the whole human race holds the utmost importance. Nationalists are regional in their approach while Communists are completely global in their approach.

Communism came into existence post French Revolution and the war for independence in America and gained its popularity as a result of the work of Karl Marx.


  1. 1.       Nationalism is the belief of an individual in his country and its rules and regulations while communism is the belief in the equality in all classes of human race
  2. 2.       Nationalism is something that is regional in approach while communism is something that is completely global in its approach
  3. 3.       Nationalism divides people on the basis of their nationality while communism doesnot belief in division
  4. 4.       Nationalism gives the utmost importance to the smaller entity of a particular nation while communism gives importance to the entire universe equally.


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