Communism vs. Socialism

Difference between Communism and Socialism It is one of the interesting facts that both socialism and communism are…

Difference between Communism and Socialism

It is one of the interesting facts that both socialism and communism are an anthology of dogmatic values. While it is true that both socialism and communism have disparities and parities between them, one of the fundamental variance lies in their intrinsic nature. Socialism has a lot of relation to the economic structure, while communism has affiliation to the political methodology. Both socialism and communism are theoretical towards economic growth in general. While socialism has a firm belief in the administration of the economy through means of systematic social control, communism also believes in the managing of the economy not only through the means of planned social control but also through the involvement of centralized organizations in order to usher in statelessness. The objective of socialism lies at collective social control while communism aims towards classlessness.

Even though the main aim of both socialism and communism is to bring around a classless society, the methods adopted by both are diverse. Socialism firmly considers distribution of goods to the people entirely on the individual’s hard work. Communism distributes goods and services based on the requirements of the public in general.

Communism considers in bringing around a classless society by obliterating capitalism and private ownership while socialism believes in bringing about a classless society through means of private ownership and capitalism also.

One of the main differences between socialism and communism lies in their techniques adopted for economic control. While socialists feel that economic control can be ushered in through the involvement of largest number of people possible in the set up, contrarily, communists do not accept as true the participation of people in the organization to initiate economic control. Actually, they firmly believe in the observable fact of focus on smaller groups of people.


To recapitulate, there are varied differences in both socialism and communism. Socialism has a close relationship with the economic system, while communism besides economic process would focus more on the political system too. Communism has a total belief in the removal of capitalism which one of the ways to achieve a classless society. Socialism on the other hand believes in the fact that a classless society can be initiated through capitalists. Therefore, socialism believes in the involvement of several people to usher in economic control.

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