Comparison of the 2011 Audi R8 and the 2011 Tesla Roadster

2011 Audi R8 vs 2011 Tesla Roadster Two of the best known names in the auto industry are…

2011 Audi R8 vs 2011 Tesla Roadster

Two of the best known names in the auto industry are Audi and Tesla. These two manufacturers have been consistent in the winning names in the past three or four years. In 2010, Audi launched the release of the R8 series and Tesla launched its Roadster. Both of these brand names are fully loaded sports cars and are very similar in the features they contain – so much so that a comparison of the two models is necessary to point out the differentiations. This is essential in order for buyers to be able to make a more informed decision regarding their purchase.

About the Audi R8

The Audi R8 is indeed a super car that has a really classy look. It has a specially designed look to the roofline and the fenders. This German sports car offers a seamless performance that drivers will find to be exceptionally smooth. Those who have test driven the car have given it a thumbs up and are really pleased with the roomy interior that can accommodate taller drivers. The controls, which are amazingly accurate, are very sensitive to your touch. Unlike other sports cars that tend to be very hard on gas, this car has great mileage rates. You can choose between hard top and soft top models in this super car that has become a favorite among sports car owners.

About the Tesla Roadster

The open top, two-seater is one that is a desirable one among sports cars owners who want to travel in the fast lane. It is easy to handle and offers exceptional performance on the road. The back-up camera and the low sound emission are just two of the features that set this sports car apart from the rest of the pack. It is all-electric and this has earned it rave reviews from all sides – users and non-users. The 2011 Roaster from Tesla is the third upgrade of the car that sells at prices that range from $109,000 to $139,000. Even though it is an expensive sports car it has done wonders to being the electric car into the limelight.

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