Compassion vs. Service

Difference Between Compassion and Service In the English language, there are two words known as Service and Compassion.…

Difference Between Compassion and Service

In the English language, there are two words known as Service and Compassion. Both these words have varied internal meanings and it is all the more necessary that they are clearly understood before they are used. Service and Compassion are shades of the human mind. A person who is of a compassionate nature is more inclined to display an emotion of mercy towards an afflicted person and his heart goes out towards that person. The affliction may be in terms of either loss of a dear one or deprivation or illness.

Compassion is akin to pity where one develops a tendency to be of help to any one and develops a feeling of sympathy for someone who is suffering from a malady or in the event of death of somebody.

When it comes to service, it involves a completely diametrically opposite approach. Service is providing assistance and help to someone who genuinely needs it or community service is meant for a group of people. As per our religious leaders, human beings are only required to offer their services in the best interests of society and not feel compassion for anyone since it is only the Almighty who can feel compassion for someone and human beings are only to serve the people who are in need of help and the downtrodden members of the society.

What should be of the utmost importance in our minds is to provide service to humanity and this service should be aimed solely at eliminating the ills of society and work towards the uplifting of the poor. In fact, except serving the poor, the feeling of compassion should not be there, since we have the right to serve and not sympathize with others. There is a lot of difference between these two words and it is entirely up to one’s own will to choose from both of them. Compassion flows from the heart while Service comes from the mind which should actually rule over the heart.

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