Complex Numbers vs. Real Numbers

Difference Between Complex Numbers and Real Numbers In the Number Theory, one often comes across the terms Complex…

Difference Between Complex Numbers and Real Numbers

In the Number Theory, one often comes across the terms Complex numbers and Real numbers. Of the long history of numbers in evolution, it is necessary to say two of this play a huge role. As it suggests it, ‘ real numbers ‘ mean the numbers which are ‘real’. In the meantime complex numbers means that the name refers a heterogeneous mixture.

Of history, our forefathers used figures to rely the stock to hold in check. These figures are termed as natural numbers as all of them can be counted simply. Then the special types of numbers viz. ‘0 ‘ and negative numerical were found. Later, ‘ decimal Numbers ‘ (2.7, 3.72) and figures as 5 / 3 (called rational Numbers) also came into existence. The difference between two different types aforementioned of decimals is that they end with a defined value (2, 3 Finis Decimal) while other one is repeated to a sequence which, in case above 1,666… And so on. Later, an interesting phenomenon entered picture, it is certainly the ‘ irrational number. Figures as √ 3 are examples for ‘ irrational number as such. Finally intellectual found another classification for figures which are noted in symbols. An example which is the most familiar is of π, and represented by the value 3.1415926535 which is a transcendent number.

All aforementioned categories of numbers which are embraced under the name of ‘ real numbers ‘ are the numbers who could be represented in a line or an infinite line. Entireties are also spaced out. Even the transcendent numbers are also fact exactly by increase among decimals. The last figure of a decimal number decides to which place the tenth interval the number will reside.

Now if we turn the tables and look at the outline of complex numbers we have combination of ‘ real numbers ‘ and ‘ the imaginary numbers ‘. Complex spreads the idea of a being dimensions by understanding two dimensions ‘ complex plane ‘ real Number  on the ‘ imaginary number ‘ the horizontal plane and vertical plane. Here, if you do not have the outline of the imaginary number, then it can be difficult so lets imagine simply √ (-1) and guess what it would be answer? Finally, the famous found by an Italian mathematician was symbol  for imaginary number i ‘.

Therefore, within sight itemized, ‘ complex numbers ‘ constituted by ‘ real numbers ‘, as well as imaginary numbers where the ‘ real numbers ‘ are all on the infinite line. It gives ‘complex’ idea and distances itself from vast group of numbers that are ‘Real’. Possibly, all ‘ real numbers ‘ can be diverted from ‘ complex numbers ‘ by having Null ‘ imaginary numbers ‘.


1. 5 9 ὶ: Complex Number

2. 7: Real Number, nevertheless 7 can be represented that 7 0 i.



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