Concealer vs. Foundation

Difference between concealer and foundation Concealer and foundation are both cream that you use on your face to…

Difference between concealer and foundation

Concealer and foundation are both cream that you use on your face to hide flaws. Concealer is more specific than foundation because it is used to hide pimples, spots or other marks on the skin. It does this by blending in the part of the skin that has blemishes with the skin tone so that they are not visible. Foundation is used over a wider area of the skin to hide blemishes and imperfections. Both are classed as cosmetics.

Concealer and foundation are mainly used by women who want to hide any imperfections on their facial skin. Lately, though, men have started to use concealers. The use of foundation has a long history as records show that it was used by the ancient Eqyptians.

About concealers

There is a wide range of pigments used to provide colors to concealers. It is the pigmentation that they contain that makes them better at hiding flaws in the skin than foundations and it is also what makes them work well with a range of skin tones.

It is better to use concealer and foundation together. This is because the concealer hides the blemishes and it augments the skin tone much better when you use it in combination with foundation. Together they magnify the color of the skin and add to the facial appearance.

About foundation

Foundation is very useful in hiding flaws that cover a wide area of the skin. Those who have naturally pale skin will greatly benefit from using foundation. These cosmetic products work much better when they are used with a concealer because they do not contain any pigmentation to give them color.

Foundation dates back through history and was worn by women of all classes. During the Middle Ages Tofana Powder was popular but this was a poisonous substance and could only be used by following proper instructions from Signora Tofana. Many women died from the effects of this foundation. It became fashionable for men to use foundation during the reign of King Louis XV of France. Women who had a pale complexion used foundation regularly because it was a status symbol. They believed that those who had pale skin were from a lower class in society.

Both concealer and foundation do a good job of hiding flaws in the complexion and they complement each other in blending skin tones. Concealer is usually better for concealing a small area of the skin because it contains pigments to provide coloring. Foundation is generally applied to the whole face. They work together harmoniously.

Even though they are similar, they work in different ways to match the skin color and the manner in which they hide flaws.


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