Conservation vs. Preservation

Difference Between Conservation and Preservation In the study of Physics, one of the most significant themes is the…

Difference Between Conservation and Preservation

In the study of Physics, one of the most significant themes is the principle of conserving energy. The principle deals in a way that the entire amount of energy of any system that is not exposed to external action remains the same even though there are other reactions taking place such as physical changes or chemical transformations. In general terms, conservation of energy is also relative to not only energy, but towards the conservation of momentum of masses or bodies.

An area that is considered to be a conservation zone is in fact a place that consists of a notable environmental area and is safeguarded against any alterations that are not permissible by law. A conservationist is a person who supports the cause of conservation of the environment. In this context, environmentalist is another term that is used. Conservation is a term that is used for “preserving for the coming future.” When we use the word conservation of water, it connotes the sense that water is to be conserved for the future when it would be used when there may be a dearth of water resources. In the state of Arizona which is primarily a desert area, the government of the state has set as its primary goal of conserving water.

It is often noticed that these two terms are used consistently for the same purpose, although there are marked variations between them. When it comes to preservation, it denotes that act of preservation essentially is protecting any material or products from further decay or rot. There are invaluable objects that need to be preserved for posterity. For instance, hand written manuscripts that are found to be in libraries are subject to decay and using techniques to preserve them from harm and to maintain its original quality is known as the act of preservation.

There are museums around the world where artifacts and objects d’ art are priceless along with articles of historical importance that need to be preserved. There are various methods that are adopted to maintain historic preservations such as monuments, buildings,



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