Consumer vs. Customer

Difference Between Consumer and Customer Both the consumer and the customer are the people who purchase goods and…

Difference Between Consumer and Customer

Both the consumer and the customer are the people who purchase goods and commodities. They have various requirements, and are constantly looking for bargains and discounts to save money and make their purchase more economical. Despite their similarities, there are some differences in the meaning of these two terms.


Consumer is a broad term for people who are the end users of products and services that are produced in the economy. They are those who consume the products or services that they have purchased or that have been purchased for them. They use these products based on some prior knowledge; they might have heard or seen the product somewhere, and that apply this knowledge in deciding if they want to buy the goods or not.


The word ‘customer’ comes from the word ‘custom’, which means habit. These are people or even organizations who from you and nobody else. The shop owner or the service provider ensures that his / her customers are always satisfied. In this way, the provider and the client maintain their relationship, which implies expected purchases in the future. With this term, a slogan for customers has become very popular: “the customer is always right.”

The difference between Consumer and the Customer:

Consumers are prospective buyers of products they themselves consume. On the other hand, customers are people who purchase goods and services, but they may not use the goods themselves. Customers may buy the products and not use them personally; they may buy them to resell or buy for those who want them. Consumers are the direct users.

Consumers relate primarily to an individual or a family, buying for their own requirements, while customers can be an individual, an organization or another vendor. Consumers play a role in product demand within the economy, while customers decide whether it will go or not.


Consumers and customers are very important people in maintaining the balance and profit of his company. They have their own functions but the thought of the two are almost the same.


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