Core Duo vs. Core 2 Duo

The difference between Core Duo and Core Duo 2 In any computer the processor is the vital component.…

The difference between Core Duo and Core Duo 2

In any computer the processor is the vital component. Two versions of computer processors are Core Duo and Core Duo 2 manufactured by intel. Although they are used about the same number of times, there are differences between them because they are two different processors. They are similar in that they are both dual processors, which means they have two cores and this enables the computer to do many things at the same time. In terms of the general manner in which they work, a user who does not have much knowledge about computer hardware would not be able to tell the difference.

About Core Duo

Core Duo was the first core processor and was developed for use in laptops. Its basis lies in the Pentium M and it is more efficient computer processor than Pentium D. There are two processors installed in the computer in a series and both of them operate at the same time. In this way they are able to share the workload. Both of the cores share a L2 2 MB caches and are on the same die. The cache is controlled by an arbiter bus, which also controls the front-side bus access. When it was introduced, Core Duo was a new term in computer terminology. The main purpose is to speed up the computer.

About Core Duo 2

Core Duo 2 is the second generation of dual computer processors. Core Duo 2 is also known as Pentium 2 and its predecessor Core Duo is known as Pentium 1. There is a bit of confusion regarding this because all Core 2 processors are dual processors but not all dual processors are Core Duo 2. You won’t see any difference between Core Duo and Core Duo 2 in the general working of the computer but if you want to use other applications such as 3D activities or play games, then the difference becomes obvious. You will find that there is no comparison to the impressiveness of Core Duo 2.

Similarities and Differences

Both Core Duo and Core Duo 2 are computer processors arranged in a series. However, in Core Duo they both work simultaneously. In Core Duo 2, as the computer is heating up, one processor works and then shifts the load to the other processor.

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