Counseling vs. Guidance

Difference between Counseling and Guidance The terms, Counseling and Guidance are frequently interchanged by most of the people…

Difference between Counseling and Guidance

The terms, Counseling and Guidance are frequently interchanged by most of the people which is basically one gets so accustomed to the term, Guidance Counselor from our schools. Guidance counselors more often operate to provide guidance to children and youth to don the garb of mature and responsible members of the society. This is done by being a mentor to the person and developing the attitude of a person and instilling him to get ready for their opted careers and vocations.

In fact, Guiding and Counseling are basically processes that are evolved to provide solutions to the problems of a person in life, however, the manner in which these are resolved and analyzed are totally different. The method through these problems are resolved could finally depend on the comfortable factor of a person, who requires the advice of assistance. The professionals that we are aware of from our childhood generally assist students during their transition to college frequently offering them advice which include educational and personal problems besides informing them of the various options for their future vocations and colleges.

There are people who feel that guidance is only a portion of counseling whereas the action of hearing attentively to the problem and putting forward the solutions in the proper perspective repetitively till they are fully comprehended by the person taking the guidance, and the possible routes or elucidation can be taken out from this repetitive action.

The term, Guidance is the methodology of hearing out attentively to the tribulations of the individuals and talking about the probable solutions at hand which could aid in resolving or assuaging in the least the problem discussed. The person, who is in doubt and cannot possibly choose the option of whether to accept or not the proffered solution, would be able to carry on with the solution easily through this method. In general, the solutions that are provided with sincerity and are quite often followed carried through. On the other hand, Counseling takes into account a series of conversations and hearing them out discussing the problem at hand and sharing the relevant knowledge which could aid the person to understand the problem and consider his or her personal decision or the future course of action. The process of counseling generally comes to an end with the person seeking assistance carrying with him a clear perception of the problem and an empowered self that could lend a hand to the person to make decisions for him for the future. In this manner, the person concerned would be more spontaneous in the future and can know how to analyze and comprehend future problems.

There are a large number of people who are well aware of the processes of guidance and counseling, but are rather embarrassed to seek the advice of a counselor for guidance or attend group sessions of counseling to assist them in comprehending their problems and discuss the possible solutions. When a person is oppressed with problems, it becomes complicated to seek solutions to the problems and a heart to heart talk with a person who is open minded and bears no prejudice is a wonderful way to put up with the obstructions that occur in life. In effect, Guidance and Counseling are excellent methods to assist people to handle their problems effectively themselves. A slight help will undoubtedly cause problems as long as the concerned person is open minded and willing to admit to his or her own faults and errors. With the proper amount of dedication, comprehension and introspection, problems can be resolved right away.

Some of the variations between Counseling and Guidance lie in the fact that counseling is profound zeroing on to the problem till the time the concerned person understands his or her problem, whereas guidance is extensive and all-inclusive. Counseling helps people to introspect themselves and is therefore an internal analysis. The entire emphasis in counseling is in the perception of the problem rather than on the solution. Optional solutions are offered to realize the problem. Guidance is more external or helps a person know alternative solutions available across him and makes him appreciate his personality and assist him to select the right solution.

The guidance may bring upon a positive approach change on the person concerned. While counseling is based on personal and social issues, guidance is usually profession and education related.

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