Countryside vs. City

Understanding the difference between the countryside and the city Some people prefer to live in the country and…

Understanding the difference between the countryside and the city

Some people prefer to live in the country and others prefer to live in the city. There are no ideal locations to live so everyone knows that wherever they live there are advantages and disadvantages. You do have to put a lot of thought into where you want to live because it could be a decision that will affect the rest of your life. Cities and the countryside differ in all countries of the world, but for the most part they all have the same general points.

About the countryside

Countryside is a term that refers to a location where there are not many people living in a small area. There is less pollution and lots of green spaces and trees. Basically the area is open and peaceful. Generally the word countryside refers to an area that is adjacent to a densely populated area where there is a sense of calm and comfort. It gives the idea that in the countryside you are somewhat removed from the real world.

It is away from the hustle and bustle of the city, away from the traffic and away from the pollution.  The land provides the owner with a sense of independence. Those who live in cities prefer the peace and quiet of the countryside as well as the difference that exists in the social life. Almost all of the developed countries of the world are now focusing on developing the countryside yet retaining the characteristics that make it a desirable place to live.

About the city

A city is a place where there is a large number of people living in a small area. It is a well-developed area where there are a lot of industries and businesses. The major cities of a country usually determine the economy and the way of life of the people who live there. The centers of government are also found in the larger cities and the infrastructure is in place for different modes of transportation. In a city you will find the large hospitals and shopping malls. In fact every facility that is essential for a quality lifestyle can be found in a city. The social life is usually left behind because the people focus more on working and earning a living.

The difference between a city and the countryside

The location is the main difference between a city and the countryside.  The countryside is away from the large population and the busy lifestyle.  It has a peaceful ambiance, but it is usually lacking many of the necessities that exist in a city. Socializing is an aspect of living in the country that is not important in the city, where work is the focus of life.

There is more for a family in the city in terms of education, health, sports, after school activities, financial institutions, entertainment and shopping. The standard of living is generally higher in the city than it is in the country.


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