Crack Vs. Cocaine

Difference Between Crack And Cocaine It is the cocoa plant which is the origin of the two drugs, cocaine…

Difference Between Crack And Cocaine

It is the cocoa plant which is the origin of the two drugs, cocaine and crack. These two drugs have their own set of difference and the basic difference is about them is related to how much refined they are. The cocoa plant can give a mild stimulation and it is used by the local shepherds. However cocaine is composed of specific chemicals and it is much concentrated. The refined state of this drug causes addiction and can cause intense high.

When cocaine is further refined by the retraction of the hydrochloride salt- usually present in the common state of cocaine then it is called crack. The most widely spread technique of consuming crack is through smoking. It generates a crackling sound when people smoke it and it causes an excessive addiction. The consumption of crack multiplies the possibility of cardiac arrest.

A refined cocoa plant is called cocaine, however in the state cocaine is sold in he streets, several impurities and hydrochloric salts are present which cuts down the strength of the drug. Most often people inhale powdered cocaine through their nose. This habit of direct inhaling of powdered cocaine through nose is called snorting and damages the mucus membranes. Apart from smoking and swallowing directly, cocaine can also be injected directly in the veins. It is a much risky process but it stimulates the brain more quickly and strongly. Cocaine causes excessive addiction.

Medications for the treatment for these drugs do exist. However medical help should be sought if that is necessary.


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