Crack vs. Powder

Difference Between Crack and Powder Cocaine is one of the widest drugs that are currently being used besides…

Difference Between Crack and Powder

Cocaine is one of the widest drugs that are currently being used besides heroin, marijuana and coke. Cocaine is also a drug that has far reaching effects in human beings and when a person becomes addictive to these types of drugs there are some of the most dangerous diseases that take the human body by storm. Some of the dreaded diseases that one can affect a person adversely are Hepatitis B & C, HIV and other diseases related to the blood. When a drug like Cocaine is used continuously, one can observe a violent behavior of the drug addict towards other people. It is rather unfortunate that the drug abuse starts amongst teenagers from the age of 12 and upwards.

Crack and Powder Cocaine are the crudest forms of cocaine and are basically local versions of the actual drug. These types of cocaine versions are distributed freely and can be witnessed in streets. It is generally sold to the members of a fraternity, clans and gangsters. However, the effects of Crack and Powder are similar to the effects felt by unadulterated and pure cocaine.

Crack Cocaine is a drug that is used through smoking and from the lungs it makes its way to the brain providing an immediate effect of a euphoric state. The popularity of Crack Cocaine has spread widely amongst high school students since it is extremely simple to create it. Its formulation is a blend of baking soda and powder cocaine in water which when boiled emerges as a solid form.

In its initial stages, Powder cocaine was put to use as an anesthetic in hospitals and related medical remedies. However, when people began abusing this drug, it was found to highly intoxicating and a person with prolonged use became an addict. Powder cocaine is also a drug that is sold freely in the streets by drug traffickers in the form of a crystalline white powder. It can be either injected or snorted by addicts.

Powder Cocaine and Crack Cocaine are two illegal substances that are very convenient to create and are suitable for both consuming through snorting or by snorting; rather its effects are best observed through injecting the substance. In most countries around the world, cocaine in any form is an illegal substance and anyone found in possession of these drugs, even though it may be in smallest amounts, are liable to be punished by law and the law takes the strictest of measures possible. One of the major differences between both these forms of cocaine is the instantaneous effect that each one takes in bringing that state of euphoria. The crack cocaine effect is immediate while the powder cocaine takes at least 3 to 5 minutes to take effect for the addict to go through the effect. There are street names attached to these drugs by which they are sold in the free market on the streets. Some of the names that powder cocaine goes by are happy powder, devil’s dandruff or white dragon while crack cocaine names are sold under the name of crumbs, nuggets and snow coke.

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