Creativity vs. Innovation

What is the difference between creativity and innovation? There is a big difference between the words “creativity” and…

What is the difference between creativity and innovation?

There is a big difference between the words “creativity” and “innovation”. Creativity is the conception of something new and original. Innovation is the act of putting creativity into practice. There is also a difference in the situations where the words are used. You will mainly see creativity used in reference to literature whereas innovation is commonly associated with management. While creative ideas do turn into innovation, innovative ideas usually lead to the creation of a new product in the business world.

Everything that has been invented in science has been the result of innovation. The innovativeness of Thomas Edison led to the development of electricity as well as other inventions. However, every innovation is not an invention. Just like creativity, innovation has to come from within, but invention comes from the outside.

A poet has to be creative in order to come up with poetry. Masterpieces such as Macbeth and Hamlet were the result of Shakespeare’s creativity. Two thinks are essential for creativity – the will of god and lots of practice. You do need to practice quite a bit in order to write a novel, but this also requires reference and study.

Innovation does not depend on the will of God or practice because these have to come from within. Observation is more important for innovation than either of these. Innovation is practical but creativity is more about experience. Innovation is convenient for business and all aspects of business are related to innovation.

Creativity comes out of the artistic flow of thoughts of creators, such as painters, writers and musicians.


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