Crude Oil vs. Natural Gas

Difference Between Crude Oil and Natural Gas Both natural gas and crude oil are fuels derived from fossil…

Difference Between Crude Oil and Natural Gas

Both natural gas and crude oil are fuels derived from fossil used for heating. They are both derived from the dead plants remains as well as animal remains. The uses of both oils are same however their effects may be different.

Petroleum or Crude oil is a flammable liquid comprising of hydrocarbons and other organic substances that are found in the ground by oil drilling. Natural gas consists mainly of methane and, hydrocarbons or otherwise called ethane.

Crude oil and natural gas used in case of transport vehicles as a fuel. But with increasing technological progress in automotive production the demand for crude oil increases as most cars are designed to use crude oil rather than natural gas. One more reason the cars and engines are built to use crude oil rather than natural gas is because crude oil costs less than natural gas.

LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) that comes from crude oil is used to cook and heat. It is mainly used in cities where gas is sent through pipelines that connect homes and buildings. Natural gas is also used for cooking and heating. It is also commonly referred to as CNG or compressed natural gas and is mainly used in rural households where there are no pipeline facilities or portable grills.

Because crude oil is used to make cosmetics, rubber, plastic, etc the  demand for crude oil is always on the rise. Natural gas is utilized as a fertilizer, because it produces ammonia, that is very useful for plant’s growth.

Natural gas as an oil is the cleanliest than greenhouse gases and cruse oil, as it generates less amount of carbon dioxide gas. Burning natural gas produces carbon dioxide that is about 30% less than oil or petroleum products and 45% less carbon dioxide than coal when it burns. Demand for crude oil and natural gas is very high. These are vital fossil fuels and are very important to maintain the oil so that the coming generations can use it as well. Thus natural gas should be preferred over oil as it is much eco friendly.


Summary :.

1. Crude oil and natural gas are fossil fuels for heating.

2. Crude oil contains hydrocarbons along with various other organic compounds, while natural gas is composed mainly of methane and hydrocarbons and ethane.

3.The three crude oil and natural gas used for cars, but demand for crude oil is higher than for natural gas because it is cheaper.

4 LPG comes from crude oil and CNG (compressed natural gas) comes from natural gas. Both are used for cooking and heating, and LPG is mainly used in the city, while CNG is used in rural areas.

5. Crude oil is also used to make cosmetics for women, plastic, rubber, etc., but natural gas is used as fertilizer.

6 . When compared to crude oil natural gas is the cleanest as a fuel and other gases due to the lesser carbon dioxide emission.

7. Natural gas should be preferred than oil as it is eco-friendly .






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