Crush Vs. Love

Difference Between Crush And Love The definition of love varies from one person to another. It can be…

Difference Between Crush And Love

The definition of love varies from one person to another.

It can be a set of altogether different feelings for a teenager, for a person in twenties and again for a person who experiences love in later part of their life.


Love is an undefined feeling with no boundaries whatsoever. Love is defined as a strong personal feeling towards the second person. Even imperfection is an excuse for a lover.  A strong adhesive gum binds the lovers in a tight knit fold.

All human emotions such as kindness, love or compassion for others fall in the category of love.

All religions have one central theme that is love. Hindus, Christians, Buddhists and many other religions preach one thing “God” is love. A prominent theological concept is the idea behind the union with almighty.

The document can be viewed from a sense of compassion or a sense of love for someone.

Love comes out with different meanings in different languages. In English, can love be described as a feeling for someone, or say that he is in, or attitude of one person to another. The range of emotions related to love is great. It can mean the simple pleasures of the pleasures of food. It can refer to romantic relationships, platonic or sexual. It can also mean love for friendship. In other languages for example Hindi, the subdued emotions of love felt by people who share different conditions have very specific terms. Love from mother to his children, love for a woman to love her husband, love for the elderly, love for people and love of friends all are different from each other.

Science defines it as mental states which we need in order to survive. It depends on the release of chemicals in the brain. It is expected to preserve the prolongation of the human kind by means of reproduction.


The effects can be simply put as a distinctly strong attraction towards someone; its passion remains for a short duration of time. Most crushes are based on appearance or what people is talking or walking or any other behavior that is intensely admired by the other party. It is short-lived. It is some kind of infatuation never an enduring one.


1. Love is an enduring passion; it can keep two people together for a lifetime. The effect is very short-lived, be it out.

2. Love can be described as a feeling for the person in the relationship shared between two people. It can be love for children, parents, partners, or God. A crush is love; it relates to the physical attraction of a being to another person.

3. Love is a virtue and can be regarded as a very pure and innocent sort of desire towards another person.

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