Culture vs. History

Difference Between Culture and History Most people make use of the words History and Culture as if the…

Difference Between Culture and History

Most people make use of the words History and Culture as if the two words mean the same thing, when they actually do not. It cannot be helped, though, that they are often used synonymously since these two terms are used at almost the same time in any book. When one speaks of history, this refers to the events that led up to the present whilst culture refers to the substance that makes up history: the arts, music, dance, traditions, and the like.

To further separate the two, here is a breakdown of some of the differences between culture and history:

  1. History involves rulers, leaders, and the lands in which they rule. Culture is involved with painters and their various works of art, musicians, drama, and dance.
  2. History refers to the documentation of events from the time of written word to the present. Culture is the conglomerate of all the experiences and by- products of the said events. An example in History will include the invasion of the Philippine shores by the Spaniards. Culture refers to the religion, art, dance, and other influences the Spanish invasion had on the country.
  3. History is made up of rulers, presidents, kings, and physical monuments and important events, whereas culture is comprised of connoisseurs of all forms of art.
  4. History is about the creation of a nation or state, Culture on the other hand is one of the results of history.
  5. History is a written record of the country or nation in chronological order, be it public events or human affairs. Culture fosters the more creative and intellectual aspect of the nation’s people.

To cut it short, a nation’s history is the timetable and proceedings on which it was established, Culture renders a country’s history to be a rich combination not only in events but in the field of artistic endeavours as well, thus bringing fame to the nation.


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