Cyclone Vs. Hurricane

Difference Between Cyclone And Hurricane Hurricane is a kind of tropical cyclone, tropical cyclone is a sort of…

Difference Between Cyclone And Hurricane

Hurricane is a kind of tropical cyclone, tropical cyclone is a sort of cyclone, which means hurricane and cyclone are the same. This also indicates that hurricanes and Cyclone are the same. How? Here is the link.

A cyclone has a circular fluid like motion that is closed and turns in the same direction of the earth’s rotation. It consists of winds that are spirally placed and rotate counterclockwise across the Northern Hemisphere and in a clockwise motion across the Southern Hemisphere. Usually it is placed where there is little pressure as the cyclone circulation center. Tropical Cyclone is smaller in size, but still devastating.

Cyclones have common features. Some of these features are about being found around low pressure areas. It also has an eye, the point of lowest pressure. Also known as pressure inside the cyclone pressure gradient force and the pressure outside the cyclone so-called Coriolis force must stay balanced. If this pressure is not balanced, then there is a tendency that the cyclone would collapse. Tropical cyclone is a type of cyclone. This type of cyclone is made up of low pressure and it is accompanied by thunder. Tropical Cyclone becomes stronger by condensation of water occurring on the surface of the ocean. Only the tropical cyclone has a warm core storm system, this is a phenomenon where the center of the cyclone is warmer than the ambient pressure.

When a tropical low pressure hits the tropic region then it takes the form of a hurricane. This is the most devastating form of all cyclones, which can reach the water bodies shore. This means that it can hit inhabited areas. It can claim countless lives and destroy thousands of homes by the means of landslides and floods that overwhelm the area. It can also initiate damage through strong wings and fire. When a tropical cyclone connects with ocean surface it causes heat to get generated and this gives way to a hurricane. It becomes a hurricane when the wind turns clockwise motion around the eye of the storm before the storm accelerated to speeds of 74 mi per hour. A Saffron-Simpson Hurricane Scale is used to measure the strength of a hurricane. It is also used to classify hurricanes from a scale of 1 to 5 This is very important because if the hurricane is in the lower class, it becomes more dangerous and causes more damage. This is particularly more dangerous when it is close to settlements. The hurricane can give way to the death of thousands and can also cause one million worth of damage.


Cyclone is a large but the size of the tropical cyclones is medium, but when these form hurricanes they get bigger.

In contrast to the Cyclone, the hurricanes hit the beaches and can wreck havoc on the urban area.

Hurricanes have a core system that is warm, where the eyes have greater heat ratio in comparison to the surrounding spots, these are not there in the usual Cyclone.

Hurricane can be defined as a kind of tropical cyclone that is much stronger and also faster hence can hit the coast.


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