Cyclone Vs. Tornado

Difference Between Cyclone And Tornado The difference between Tornado and Tornado’s a lot more than if they just…

Difference Between Cyclone And Tornado

The difference between Tornado and Tornado’s a lot more than if they just come by land or water. Although this is one of the differences to look further into what makes them grow into disasters and weather phenomena that they may be, to really understand what makes them different.

It is true that the Tornado is a land based event, but the Cyclone and will grow over the ocean. A Tornado, even the largest, is relatively small compared to the cyclone. You may Tornado covering several kilometers, but cyclone can span hundreds of kilometers. The atmosphere across the land mass will encourage the development of the Tornado, but the same factor, SAP life of the cyclone, and in many cases will ultimately destroy it.

The time frame for the birth Tornado before it dies out, usually within minutes. The time frame of a cyclone can range across days or even many hours.

One cannot particularly say that either is more devastating. It has mainly to do with evolution and what that might be on its way. But deliver Tornado damage to buildings, infrastructure and people in a very central location in relation to its development. A tornado can cause considerable damage to a number of areas in its path. The type of injury is also different. Tornado provides a strong, high damage, but damage caused by the cyclone struck continuous and prolonged use.

Outside is a potentially deadly weather phenomenon is an important link between Tornado and Tornado found after the cyclone hit the ground. Atmospheric stability, ambient and atmospheric temperature and climate around the cyclone, can do a good recipe for the development of tornadoes. Also give the Tornado is not the right conditions for tornado development.


 · Cyclone known to develop over water.

The ground calls for the development of the Tornado, but it destroys cyclone formation.

 · cyclone has a longer life.

 · Tornado damage is extensive and focused.

 · Cyclone damage is extensive, and exposure to the elements is longer.

 · cyclone can promote the development of the Tornado in the country fall is reached.

 · Tornado do not contribute to the development of the cyclone.


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