Cyclones Vs. Typhoons

Difference Between Cyclones And Typhoons Nothing could be more fascinating than to spend time with nature. One of…

Difference Between Cyclones And Typhoons

Nothing could be more fascinating than to spend time with nature. One of the most beautiful things that we see in our lives are those that only nature can provide. No matter how hard we try, we simply can not repeat his miracles. However, Mother Nature is not always pretty. Like all women, she has a moment, and when it releases its fury, it can cause great harm to us all.

Cyclone and typhoons are examples of natural disasters; we have gradually learned to cope. Both products are floor level pressure that begins in the ocean, and is characterized by the formation of the circular clouds on the weather maps. They eventually come towards the country, resulting in great rain and strong winds giving way to floods, damage of property and even lives. Although there are many similarities Cyclone and typhoons, the way the media provides information about the two disasters, allowing one to believe that the Cyclone and typhoons are the same.

One of the major differences between the Tornado and Typhoon is the place where it occurs. Cyclone is usually low pressure formed along the Indian Ocean and Southwest Pacific Ocean, near the Australian and African continent. They are often equipped 160 east longitude. Because of cold water in these areas, do not get the Cyclone is not often. This is because the cyclone to develop in these lakes, the water must have a minimum temperature of 80 degrees.

On the other hand, typhoons originate from the northwestern Pacific part. This is part of the world where Asia is. Compared to the Cyclone, typhoons often occur because the water in this region is much warmer and provide a better place for typhoons develop.

Another difference Cyclone typhoons and typhoons are usually characterized as severe storms accompanied by heavy rain and very sharp winds. Cyclone, however, can develop into two types of natural disasters. One of the Tornado, which is known for its very strong wind. The second type is a thunder storm, which is often associated with heavy rain, thunder, lighting and strong winds.


1 Typhoon and Cyclone are natural disasters that develop as a result of low pressure areas which occur in groundwater, which can cause property damage and loss.

2. Cyclone is a kind of violent storm that develops along the Indian Ocean and southwest Pacific. On the contrary, typhoons originate along the coast in the northwestern Pacific.

3. Although typhoons as well as Cyclones bringing heavy rain and strong winds, the cyclone tends to develop in to Tornado, often being associated with very strong winds, which can give way to property damage and the death of many people apart from simple rains.

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