Dating vs. Relationship

Difference Between Dating and Relationship All human beings in this world are bound to each other by relationships.…

Difference Between Dating and Relationship

All human beings in this world are bound to each other by relationships. Ever since a child is born, he holds a close relationship with his parents and this relationship grows as time passes, when he starts developing associations with his friends, colleagues and ultimately with his wife and children. It is a bond that lasts throughout his life.

There is a wide variation between Dating and Relationship. Dating could be considered to be a building block of a relationship. Dating is a process through which new relationships can be established between one individual and another. Dating takes place between the opposite sexes only. Through dating, a person starts meeting someone with the intention of knowing if the person who is being met often turns out to be a perfect partner, and at times for a life time. Both these individual persons when start meeting frequently they start sharing their feelings with one another in a romantic manner aiming at knowing each other much better. This mutual sharing of emotions could result in a life long relationship, if both of them feel compatible to each other. The process of dating would include taking a walk on the beach, going to the movies, or visiting restaurants together spending more time together in order to know each other better. At the time of dating, there is a total lack of seriousness or commitments on part of both the persons, as a result of which the time that they spend with each other could less than a month or a few weeks.

A relationship is usually a link or a bond between two people who could be even of the same gender or sex or even varying genders. It goes without saying that without knowing about another person, it is impossible to develop a relationship. Relationships are evolved through continuous correspondence and regular communication with a particular person. There are, however, some relationships that invoke some feelings that are experienced by two people which may not essentially be considered to be a valid reason for a relationship to take place. These types of relationships normally exist between a doctor and a patient or a lawyer and his client. In a

relationship, however, things are different as both commitment and the level of seriousness increases and which results in both of them spending most of their time and at times, tend to spend their whole lives together. The bond between two partners in a relationship is extremely powerful since both the people being relatively new to each one are probing each other to know more and start giving respect and importance to each other.

There is a level of seriousness existing between both the processes. A dating couple even though they may be sharing mutual feelings for each other, yet, there is no sense of commitment between them. The major reason for the lack of commitment is that dating is primarily done to consider by and large whether the couple are made for each other and would turn out to be perfect partners in the future also. That is one of the reasons, why an individual could be dating two or three persons at the same time. Relationships form when there is a level of seriousness between two individuals and a commitment develops. One starts enjoying the company of each other. Once a relationship has been created, it would be the start of referring each other as a boy friend or girl friend. It is then when the boy and the girl decide on introducing each other to their respective families and next of kin. In a relationship, there develops a tendency to share personal problems, challenges, happiness’s with each other and attempt to emerge with an ideal solution or a decision.

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