Difference Between DDS and DMD If ever you go to a dentist, there is a probability that you…

Difference Between DDS and DMD

If ever you go to a dentist, there is a probability that you shall glance at the qualifications displayed by them. There are two common degrees as far as dentists are concerned. They are DMD and DDS. Some people can not distinguish between these degrees and remain so befuddled about which of the two degrees is better or higher. This article will remove all doubts in the minds of both patients as well as those wishing to pursue a career in dentistry.

For starters, both DDS and DMD are degrees that are equivalent and have the same curriculum and program and there is basically no difference in the qualifications of doctors with a DDS or a DMD. DDS used to be awarded to doctors studying dentistry. The course was treated like an apprenticeship and the schools were not affiliated to the university. It was when a heavyweight like the University of Harvard decided to have a dental school of his own. DDS represented the Doctor of Dental Surgery that Harvard disliked as they awarded degrees in Latin only. After a lot of thought and consultation with a Latin scholar, Harvard formed the name of the DMD degree as that contained alphabets MD that stood for Doctor of Medicine. DMD means Dentariae Medicanae Doctor, which for all practical purposes, is same as DDS which is awarded by other dental schools in the country.

The American Dental Association is aware of the confusion created by different names for the same degree, but can not eliminate any of the degrees. He even thought about removing two creating a brand new degree, but could not do so because of pride students felt with the degree they received from their colleges.

It’s a bizarre situation in places like New York where Professor of Dentistry is the most common two degrees and people think the only professor of dentistry as dental doctors. To convince people of their qualifications, those who have received DMD write DDS against their name.

There are different perceptions of the degree being better than anything one both among both the doctors and patients. Some patients like to be treated by the DDS because they think they are doctors specializing in dental surgery (the inclusion of surgery in their degree called DDS). Others believe that DMD is better as it is a level containing the alphabets MD that means Doctor of Medicine.

The most important thing is the diagnosis and treatment of dental problems and problems with the gums and teeth than trying to find the difference between these two.


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