Deacon vs. Priest

Difference Between Deacon vs. Priest The Roman Catholic Church, Eastern Catholic, Oriental Orthodox and Eastern orthodox, Anglican, Assyrian,…

Difference Between Deacon vs. Priest

The Roman Catholic Church, Eastern Catholic, Oriental Orthodox and Eastern orthodox, Anglican, Assyrian, Old Catholic, independent and Lutheran churches have three sacred orders relating to the management of certain persons for the ministry.

These churches consider ordination as a sacrament, which will only be issued by a bishop who is regarded as a teacher of faith and bearer of traditions.

The bishop is the highest of holy orders, and is considered an apostle today. The pope, cardinals, archbishops are primarily types of bishop to celebrate all the sacraments. A bishop is heading a diocese, which includes the parishes headed by priests.

The priest is the second highest of the order. He helps the bishop to administer the sacraments except Holy Orders.

Priests have existed since ancient times and today to be a priest is a personal choice, but it is inherited and passed on in families. They perform all the sacred rituals of religion and act as mediator between man and God.

There are many requirements before becoming a priest. Some Churches accept married men as their priest, but only after ordination. After ordination a priest can not marry.

The deacon, however, is the third in order. Deacons can serve as officers or of the laity in the Church. This is a final step toward ordination to the priesthood. Before the Second Vatican Council did seminarians were ordained deacons.

Deacons of the church assist the priest during his keen supervision, but directly under the bishop. In contrast to the priests, they can not perform the sacraments, but may assist the priest in his duties. Deacons can preside the meetings that have nothing to do with mass.

Summary :.

1 A priest is the second highest in the Orders of Roman Catholics, Orthodox and Christian churches, while the deacon is the third in order.

2. A priest may celebrate Mass and the sacraments, all except Holy Orders, while the deacon can not perform any of the sacraments, they can preside over the services that have nothing to do with the celebration of the Mass

3. A priest should not marry, while a married man can become a deacon, but he is expected to remain single after that.

4.Before Vatican II, the only candidates for the priesthood become deacons, but today even those who are not seminarians can be deacons.


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