Democracy vs. Dictatorship

Difference Between Democracy and Dictatorship Dictatorship and democracy are two kinds of rules in a country. They are…

Difference Between Democracy and Dictatorship

Dictatorship and democracy are two kinds of rules in a country. They are different in terms of methodology and concept. An absolute rule of a state or country is enjoyed by a dictator. On the other hand in a democracy the power to create laws is with people.

One of the major differences between democracy and dictatorship is that self indulgence is the key word in democracy. People choose what the best is for them. Democracy is not made to someone else choose people’s interests. While in dictatorship someone else chooses people’s interests.

Dictatorship oversees laws governing the rights of people and the economy as well. It also outlines the laws that govern private property as well. On the other hand the power to create laws is with the people in democracy.

In a dictatorship if you are unhappy about something then you should continue to be unhappy about it all your life. On the other hand if you are unhappy about something in a democracy there is always a chance to change it and put it right for you to be finally happy. This is an important difference between dictatorship and democracy.

It is often believed that the dictatorship is effective in the act of framing laws favoring certain sections. On the other hand, in democracy there is no place to create new laws to dominate certain section of people or oppress some groups.

In dictatorship personal freedom and liberties get sacrificed. On the other hand there is a respect for personal liberty and personal freedoms in democracy. In fact we can say that democracy promotes and protects freedom of expression and freedom of expression and extends to every single person in the nation.

There is always the chance of innocent people being convicted often due to lack of proper cross examination when dictatorship is concerned. On the other hand, justice is done to perfection in a democracy. The accused can not confront the witness in a dictatorship regime. On the contrary the defendant is provided with an opportunity to confront the witness in the case of democracy.

The time taken to execute a decision is fast enough in case of dictatorship while the process to execute a decision is slow in case of democracy.


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