Developed Countries vs. Developing Countries

Difference Between Developed countries and developing countries Countries of the world are classified by various terms to describe…

Difference Between Developed countries and developing countries

Countries of the world are classified by various terms to describe the level of infrastructure that exists. These include such terms as developed, developing, less developed, underdeveloped and undeveloped.  These terms are used to describe the economy, the rates of poverty, literacy, living standards as well as industrialization. Since developed and developing are two words that are similar in meaning you may be wondering about the difference that exists in countries that have this classification.

There is industrial growth in developed countries. Developing countries are still in the stage where they have to depend on the developed countries in order to get the help they need in establishing industries. There is a flourishing economy in developed countries, but developing countries are building their economy and struggling financially.

Some of the characteristics of a developed country include substantial growth and development in the areas of transportation, education, and business. Developing countries are only in the beginning stages of these areas of the economy.

There are many problems in a developing country. The people have poor health care, there are shortages of water and food and there is a lack of amenities. Medical supplies are not readily available and there are high birth rates. The most critical factor that exists in developing countries is that of poor nutrition. Due to the fact that the birth rate is so high the mortality rate for infants is also high. There is also an increased risk of fatalities from diseases that are considered common in developed countries of the world. This means that the death rate is high in these countries.

Due to the high rate of deaths developing countries do not have as much time to double their population. In developed countries there is a low death rate and a low birth rate so the gap is very small between the two. There is a big gap between the birth and death rates in developed countries and infant mortality rate is an important factor a developing economy.

There are very few such shortcomings in a developed country. This is because all sectors of the economy are well-developed. All the people are serviced by good educational institutions, health care facilities, transportation links and the essential amenities. The people are more aware of what is needed for human existence. Mothers and young children have the nutrition that they need which means that the population lives longer.


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