Diet Sprite vs. Sprite Zero

Difference Between Diet Sprite and Sprite Zero The Diet Sprite and the Sprite Zero are two distinct variants…

Difference Between Diet Sprite and Sprite Zero

The Diet Sprite and the Sprite Zero are two distinct variants of the Sprite Soda that have become more popular with people who are on a diet as well as those suffering from sugar problems. The content of sugar in both the Diet Sprite and Sprite is far less than the other regular sodas, yet they contain the similar taste and a tang that is in a regular sprite.

A product from the Coca-Cola Company, Diet Sprite has been targeting people who are soda addicts and want to reduce their intake of calories. The manufacture of Diet Soda involves the removal of sugar or fructose from the ingredients and is replaced by Splenda or aspartame which are fake sugars but are sweet to taste yet do not contain any calories. It is because of this that Diet Sprite does not fatten a person and is considered to be safe.

Another Sprite variant available from the same Company is the Sprite Zero which has been classified as “Zero” to emphasize that it contains zero sugar, carbohydrates and zero calories. The taste of sweetness is substituted by artificial sweeteners such as acesulfame-Potassium and aspartame. Further, it still bears the same taste and the ingredients of a regular soda drinks like the coke where the caffeine is totally removed and is citrus flavored.

In short, since both these soft drinks are variants, they are different from each other in certain aspects. Diet Spite contains a slight amount of sugar, calories and carbohydrates as compared to Sprite Zero which has none of these ingredients. Yet the above ingredients would not affect your body in an adverse manner. The main objective of the creation of the Diet Sprite was to promote “diet” soda while Sprite Zero was a revision of the Diet Sprite to increase its benefits from low calories and low sugar to one that is zero sugar and zero calories. Thence, essentially, the marketing stratagem lay behind its variations. It would be best if both Diet Sprite and Sprite Zero are consumed in moderation since too much of everything is bad which also applies to zero calorie sodas. However, if you are slimming down and reducing your weight, but still have the urge for soda, Diet Sprite and Sprite Zero are the ideal drinks for you.

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