Dietician vs. Nutritionist

What is the difference between dietician and nutritionist? Today’s trend is to look healthy and the way to…

What is the difference between dietician and nutritionist?

Today’s trend is to look healthy and the way to do this is to follow a healthy diet and to exercise on a regular basis. Many people are following the exercise plans of the celebrities and working out with Pilates, Yoga, Zumba and other exercise plans. They also want to eat the right food to lose weight and maintain a healthy figure. The food you eat plays an important role in the benefits your body receives from a weight loss and exercise plan. Trainers develop an exercise plan, but they will also develop a diet plan for you to follow. This diet plan will be tailored to your bone structure, the amount of fat you need to lose and the amount of muscle that you need to gain.

What is a dietician?

A dietician is an expert in the proper foods that you should eat in order to be healthy and to maintain a healthy weight. This person is trained to give advice to those who need it about their diets and how to live a healthy lifestyle. The job also involves doing research on the nutritional value of food so that the dietician can develop a diet based on the needs of the clients.

In order to become a dietician, a person must have the proper education to obtain certification to work in this field. In the United States, all dieticians must follow the guidelines set out by the American Dietetic Association.

What is a nutritionist?

The sole responsibility of a nutritionist is to research food to find out what its nutritional value is. This is where the nutritional values printed on the labels on food packages come from. To work in this field you must take courses in college in food and nutrition so that you can analyze the food to determine whether or not there are any nutrient deficiencies, how much of the food you should eat if you have certain medical conditions and the best way to manage the nutritional components. A nutritionist can be called a health specialist.


  1. While there are many similarities between a dietician and a nutritionist, a dietician has more credentials because a person in this job has to be certified.
  2. A dietician has to be able to analyze and interpret the nutritional information about food.
  3. A nutritionist does research only on the nutritional value of food. This is where the information printed on food package labels comes from.


It is better to hire a dietician to plan the foods you should eat to stay healthy because this person has more qualifications than a nutritionist.


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