Difference Between Cute and Hot

What is the difference between cute and hot? Many common words in the English language are used as…

What is the difference between cute and hot?

Many common words in the English language are used as slang words by the younger people in the population. Two of these are “cute” and “hot” that are often used to describe a person’s physical appearance. However, there is a difference in the way in which they are used and the intent behind the usage. It is important to understand this difference, especially the difference in the intent.

When you say that a person is “cute” it has a different meaning than if you say a person is “hot”. Saying that someone is cute means that you really like this person, but saying that someone is hot has a sexual connotation and means that you lust after this person.

“The baby is cute” is a very common way of saying that you really like the baby. However, saying that a man or woman is hot means that you would like to have a sexual encounter with this person. Therefore although the two words mean that the person has a great physical appearance the intention behind the words is completely different.

Cute has other meanings as a slang word as well. It can be well-defined in its description of a physical attribute of a person or an object, such as saying that a person has a “cute nose” or describing a purse as being cute. The use of the word “hot” generally means “sexy”. It, too, can refer to objects, such as a “hot pair of jeans” or a “hot movie”.

There is also a difference in the meaning of both words as to the character of the person. Someone who is described as cute is a person who is genuine and believes in long-lasting relationships. A hot person on the other hand is one who likes short, fleeting relationships and then moves on to someone else. Those who are cute have good morals and are modest while those who are hot look great all the time and tend to have loose morals.


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