Difference between Five Star and Seven Star Hotel

Difference between Five Star and Seven Star Hotel The exercise of hotel star rating is useless if the…

Difference between Five Star and Seven Star Hotel

The exercise of hotel star rating is useless if the international set standards are not practiced in this process. Some countries have come up with their own rating procedures, while the majorities have consolidated this exercise. In minor cases some have allocated themselves this star rating to market their business. In essence the extra amenities in the room, swimming pool, spa, gym and other features need to be taken into consideration when star rating a hotel.

Five star hotels all over the world are known to be luxury hotels. They avail thrills for excellent stay in them.  These hotels offer convenient personalized welcome, page boy, welcoming apartment with seats, Doorman service, 24/7 reception, internet service and some with attached PCs, and many more services that make this hotels exceptional to visit.

These hotels are decorated with nice looking decorations and the above named features are all available to the guests. They have garden and shopping complex. This hotels offer excellent services and luxuries such as limousine and dog-walking.

Seven star hotels are few all over the world. A good example of this is the Burj Al Arab in Dubai. This is the tallest hotel. This hotel has suites and excellent luxuries. Among services that they offer include; rain showers, Jacuzzis in each suite and private welcoming. They have a 24 hour on call and an under the sea taking of meals. Other examples of this star hotel are; Town House Galleria in Milan, Italy and the Pangu 7 Star Hotel in Beijing, China. These hotels offer private swimming pool, personal limousine, and they are very much decorated with unique and magnificent decorations.

These hotels have private guest transfer programs. They are very much good at making all your wishes to be lively. They have all kind of novelties to satisfy the wealth clients that they handle.

Most tourists and visitors are not totally convinced that they can find anything better in the seven star hotels than it is in five star hotels. They find no relevance in going for seven stars. In consideration then it is obvious that services that are available in five star hotels can be offered in a better way in seven star hotels. Extra care and attention can be available specifically in seven star hotels.

This forms the basic disparity between the prices of these two star hotels. It is hard to pre-visit an hotel, but the internet forms the basic source for all what you want. All services and facilities and hotel classification are basically available from the various online sources.


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