Difference Between Flickr and Picasa

Flickr vs.  Picasa Web These two terms are very much familiar to the photography fans. They form the…

Flickr vs.  Picasa Web

These two terms are very much familiar to the photography fans. They form the basic photo sharing sites available to online users. If you have used these sites then you can agree with me that they offer excellent features for users. For instance they photo commenting and not forgetting the crazy ones that most user like, photo editing. This option offers excellent tools for editing your photos and saving them in whichever way you want them to be. Going into further consideration that even though these two sites serve the same functions they have distinctive features that differentiate each other. Let us now take a look and differentiate them for our own better understanding.

Picasa essentially for those who understands it better knows that it is owned by the world giant search engine, Google. It has excellent features of editing of photos. On the other side of the coin, Flickr is owned by the popular email providers, Yahoo. They both offer no paid accounts but for Picasa you can hold this account if your photos are less than or equal to 1GB. While on the other hand Flicker’s accounts are free, it only displays the last 200 photos. Picasa also avails extra 20GB storage space at a fee of $5 dollars per annum, while Flickr on the other side offers a pro account at a fee of $24.95 per year.

Photo uploading process in Flickr can accept JPEG, PNG or GIF but are first converted to JPEG format before they are stored. This sites offer an excellent photo tagging feature. In Picasa the photos undergoes the same process before they are saved. The option of sending and sharing of photos is also available and the state of your photos is decided by you, to either be private or public depending on the individual choice.

Flickr shows its photos in a slide show format and the option of cutting and pasting to other online sites is available while Picas does not offer this service but also uses slide show in photo displaying.

Picasa also qualifies itself to be the best among the two by offering a downloading option for all your photos from your computer. This does not happen in Flickr but instead it offers video hosting that makes competitive also among the two.


  • Picasa is owned by Google and Flickr by Yahoo.
  • Both offer online storage facilities for photos.
  • Both Flickr and Picasa have options of photo editing but only Flickr supports video hosting.


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