Difference Between Gemstones and Diamonds

Gemstones and diamonds can make any piece of jewelry lovelier and more attractive. Most people think that diamonds…

Gemstones and diamonds can make any piece of jewelry lovelier and more attractive. Most people think that diamonds are entirely different from gemstones such as emerald, ruby, or sapphire. However, diamonds is just another form of gemstone. It’s unique feature and the fact that it is the hardest material on earth has made it distinct from other types of gemstones. Gemstones are usually classified into two types: precious and semiprecious. Precious gemstones are those that exist in scarce quantities and are relatively priced higher, while the semiprecious stones are those that are found in larger quantities.



The biggest source of diamonds is in Surat, India. It is reported that around 92% of diamonds are produced and processed from there. The remaining 8% consists of isolated sources in different countries. Other gemstones are randomly found in different countries. There is no constant source for each type of gemstones, especially those that are considered precious. Gemstones and diamonds take a long time to form and cannot be artificially manufactured. Thus, when a source runs out of gemstones and diamonds, there is a need to look for another source.


Characteristics and Value

Diamonds have different shapes, colors, and sizes. Although the most common type of diamonds are the colorless ones, several other types of diamonds have been discovered in different parts of the world. This makes diamonds very rare and the rarer the diamond, the higher the price will be. Traditionally, the value of a gemstone is determined using the naked eye. Aside from rarity, the value of a gemstone goes higher if it looks older. Diamonds, on the other hand, are analyzed and valued using a more systematic system. This system is now being applied to other gemstones as well and is approved by the Gemological Institute of America.


Determining the Price

Color, cut, clarity, and carat – these are the four criteria that are used by jewelers all over the world in order to value gemstones and diamonds. A more attractive color merits a higher price. Better carving also means a higher price. The more sparkly or clear the gemstone is, more value will be added to its final price. And the last criterion is the number of carats which is also directly proportional to a gemstone’s price. All of these things are considered in determining how much a gemstone will be sold for. Generally, though, the number of carats plays the biggest factor in determining the price.


Diamonds and gemstones have existed since the prehistoric times. Even our ancestors basked in the glory and joy of wearing a precious gem or lovely diamonds around your neck or to decorate your ears or fingers. Then and now, owning any piece of jewelry containing any of these gemstones is still considered a symbol of wealth. Diamonds, being the most special type, have been used to symbolize deep devotion as evident in the tradition of using diamond-studded rings for engagements, weddings or anniversaries. Although other gemstones are beautiful in their own rights, diamonds are still the winner in stealing the heart of every woman alive.


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