Difference Between Hillbilly and Redneck

Hillbilly vs. Redneck Though it is true that both the words or to be precise, names Hillbilly and…

Hillbilly vs. Redneck

Though it is true that both the words or to be precise, names Hillbilly and Redneck represent two types of American people who are somewhat similar, they are actually quite different in terms of lifestyle and nature.


Hillbilly is an abusive term which refers to those types of people who live in far off areas within America, mainly in the remote mountains and villages away from the country side.  They are not completely civilized and they avoid being in the cities.  They have their own set of cultures which are quite different from the people in the cities.  They are simple, uneducated people who lead an uncomplicated and simple lifestyle. The HillBilly people nowadays have the tendency of focusing on their education and they lead a respectable and peaceful life.


The name Redneck is also an offensive term used to refer the farmers who reside on the southern side of the country. They live in the village areas that are not located near the hills The term Redneck is given to them as they; being farmers are used to work stooping down, there by exposing their neck to the sun and causing their neck to get a darker complexion. These people are farmers by profession and by nature typically uneducated foolish and drunk people. Quite different from the simple HillBilly people, they are drunk, hyper and sometimes un-respectable. However they are sometimes a simple and hardworking group of people. Unlike the HillBilly people the Rednecks have no tendency of being educated.


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