Difference Between Hinduism and Buddhism

Hinduism vs. Buddhism Besides being two of the largest world religion and in spite of the fact both…

Hinduism vs. Buddhism

Besides being two of the largest world religion and in spite of the fact both have their origin in Asia, there are quite a few difference between then as far as their concepts and principles are concerned.


As far as Hinduism is concerned it was not founded by any body. Hinduism believes that souls exist. There are two kinds of souls which are the individual soul and the supreme soul or the Brahman.  According to the principles of Hinduism Buddha is one of the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu. Hinduism preaches that people should try to achieve four ends of human life during their lifetime. The four ends of human life are dharma (righteousness), artha (material wealth), Kama (sensual pleasures) and moksha (liberation). To lead a complete life the attainment of all the four ends are mandatory. Hinduism also accepts the four ashrams or stages of life


Buddhism was founded by the Buddha. Buddhism does not preach about the existence of souls. Unlike Hinduism, Buddhism does not accept the validity of any God or Goddess in the Hindu religion as equal to the Buddha. The original religion that was taught by the Buddha is known as the Hinayana Buddhism. Hinayana Buddhists do not worship any the Buddha images, nor do they believe in the existence of the Bodhisattvas. According to the Mahayana Buddhism, Buddha is the highest and idols of Buddha are worshipped. The Buddha in Mahayana is same as Brahman in Hinduism. Unlike the Hinduism, Buddhism does not believe in ashrams. It says that a person can be drafted into the Order if he is spiritually fit. According to Buddhism desire is the source of all evil and they regard the removal of suffering of the world their primary aim.


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