Difference Between Prep and Goth

Prep vs. Goth Prep and Goth are two modern words that have somehow sprung out of the ever…

Prep vs. Goth

Prep and Goth are two modern words that have somehow sprung out of the ever creative pop culture. The terms, sadly, are used in stereotyping certain people based mostly on their looks and the personality they chose to portray. Most people, some without just cause, jump into hasty generalizations regarding the individuals who fit the profile of either a Goth or Prep. Let’s see if you know someone who fits either profile.

The word Prep has come to be very closely associated with wealth and rich people. Although Prep is just short for the word preparatory and has been used loosely to call individuals who go to preparatory schools, the word has come to refer solely to typical rich kids and their casual and conservative manner of clothing. They are men usually seen in classy vests and shirts with long sleeves and women in knee-length skirts and collared blouses. They are very often portrayed as wealthy and stuck up individuals.

However, people who chose to be part of the Goth subculture, Goths in short, stand out from the rest due to their dominantly black outfits and accessories, multiple body piercing and punk haircuts that give a very convincing effect that they are dark individuals. Goth originated as a sort of offshoot from post-punk age in music and traditional literature. It’s considered gothic due to the dark themes of music and lyrics and the literally dark clothes.

Differentiating the Two

Where do we begin? The two groups of individuals are so different from each other, it borders on being exact opposites. While Preps are viewed as traditional and formal, Goths are often generalized as being rebellious. Furthermore, Preps in general are conscious of their appearance and prefer to look neat and sophisticated while Goths prefer to be clad in dark clothing, ridiculous hair styles and a dark guise that might lead one to believe they’re from the underworld. Lastly, although it’s not right, the majority continue to believe that Goths are dark, in pain, suicidal and violent even, while Preps are plain stuck-up all because they’re rich. While some may really fit these descriptions, one should never forget that all generalizations wrong; maybe, including this one.


Things to Remember:

  • The Goths belong to a subculture of individuals who favor everything dark; from music, moods, clothing, and sometimes even personality and lifestyle.
  • Prep, however, is a term that originally referred to people who go to preparatory schools, but was later used to stereotype people who are wealthy and dress conservatively, and they are often thought of as stuck-up.


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