Difference between Religion and Theosophy

Religion vs. Theosophy The terms religion and theosophy may appear to be one and the same to us,…

Religion vs. Theosophy

The terms religion and theosophy may appear to be one and the same to us, however, there certainly lie some subtle differences between the two.

Religion is believed to be the compendium of a lot of beliefs that all imply to the fact that forces, that are super natural in nature, are the reason why life exists on this earth. Theosophy on the on the other hand is a principal of faith of philosophy of religion that has an element of mysticism as well as spirituality too, the later being in percentage, much higher than the same in religion. In short, the fact can be categorically stated that while on one hand, religious involves a lot of faith as well as beliefs, spirituality is the sole content of theosophy.

The words faith and religion are, in every aspect, inter- changeable. Almost all the religions in the world show the presence of characteristic praying procedures, unique beliefs, behaviours as well as scriptural texts.

Each and every religion existing in this world has firm bases for ethics, customs as well as morality, or rather it can be so stated that the above mentioned aspects seek as well as get their due support in religion. If one adheres to one’s religion truly, then he is said to be following the right way of culture, which implies to the fact that the existence of different cultures in the world is a result of their origin from different religions that are there in the world.

Spiritual practice is an important aspect of religion as well, as a result of which we find religious leaders encumbered with so much of spiritual knowledge. If spiritual practices combine with religious faith, then it would ultimately pave the way for theosophy. So, theosophy can be regarded as any system of assumptions of human mind that puts the knowledge of nature or existence over the knowledge of divine nature or the spiritual knowledge.

Theosophy, obviously, finds its place on a higher than religion, because it the belief of the theosophists that one can get more closer to the Supreme, if the spiritual knowledge is coupled with other disciplines like philosophy, religion, arts and science.


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