Difference Between Road and Street

Road vs Street In a city, a town or even a village, the path that is used for…

Road vs Street

In a city, a town or even a village, the path that is used for commuting by the common people, may appear to be the same, but their size, structure, surroundings as well as the means that the people employ to commute on them are strikingly different. As a result, these commutable paths are known by different names, on the bass of the different characteristic features that they have.

Two such words that are used to denote a path are Road and Street. Although to many people, these two may appear one and the same, yet there definitely lies certain difference between the two. One of the major differences, that separates road from street is that road joins two points, that are distinct in nature, and may represent two distant places, towns, or city etc. ,  while a street is just a small road, meant for public use, amidst any town or city, having a number of houses on its either side. The presence of houses on the either sides of a road is quite a rare sight.

Street is a very narrow kind of a commutable path, which is crowded with a lot of residential houses, greenery and a lot of shops having articles of daily use. Due to its size, it is difficult for large vehicle to ply on them and so people mostly use the streets for the purpose of walking i.e. commuting on feet. Road, however, is much larger in comparison to street, much wider, with large multi-storeyed building, representing corporate firms, offices, multi- storied building etc lining its either side. Large vehicles ply with much ease on the road and household shops like grocery shops, stationary shops, vegetable shops, are a rare occurrence on the Road. Due to the vehicles, as well as places like cultural centres, shopping malls, movie halls etc.  a road seems to be alive 24×7. These are, however, not found to be present on streets. Locating the address of any particular individual is a very easy task as far as a street is concerned. This, however, turns out to be a very difficult job, due to the enormity in the size of a ROAD. Roads are better to look at as compared to the streets, owing to the presence of trees and other larger and more perfect objects of construction. The trees are lesser in number on the streets, as the houses are the primary occupants of it.


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